Where the Middle-Eats!

The Genesis of the 2 Plate Solution

Where the Middle Eats!

The 2 Plate Solution is a labor of love: love for Israel and a love for food. It was born organically from throngs of people headed to Israel and asking my advice for the best places to eat. I found I was giving more intricate, lively and detailed answers than were they to ask me Talmudic queries or Halachic challenges. It brought out an energy and passion inside of me that I rarely saw come to life.

As someone who travels to Israel anywhere between 4-8 times in a calendar year, mapping out where and when to eat has always been a formative challenge. What happens when I am in the country for 36 hours? How can I eat at all of my favorite places in such a short time? Equally challenging, how do I visit my favorite places yet, try new and exciting places to eat too? As the tradition teaches, the task is great and the day is short!

Within some of these trips each year, I would often be guiding trips from our community and pushing foods and peddling restaurants that I believed were ‘ones you could not miss.’ The reviews by fellow pilgrims and trip advice takers were overwhelming. Thus, I heard a bat-kol – a heavenly calling to take this to the next level.

The submissions to 2 Plate are ALL written by me and represent my opinions, solely. Though, I eagerly take feedback from others, good and bad, about their experiences at any establishment. As a rule of thumb, I will not write a review for a place I have not eaten. Some places I have eaten at once, and others are once a day, thus the subjects are more narrow or wider, respectively.

Occasionally, I will invite guest submissions from recognized foodies. Like all opinions, they are just that. As we say in Hebrew,


My second rule is that while, if asked, I will tell proprietors where I am eating that I am writing a food review, I NEVER accept(ed) any free foods or service. That would cheapen the objectivity of my review. Further, it feels unethical. Thank goodness, I can support the Israeli economy and enjoy doing so at restaurants in Israel.

The rating system uses Falafels.
4 Falafels is Excellent. 1 Falafel is poor.
You should be able to access restaurants by rating, location and type on the drop-down menu.

To date, 2-Plate is not monetized and there are NO plans to do so. It is a service to the kosher, the hungry and the lovers of Zion.

The website came to life with the creativity and design of my talented nephew, Reuben Ingber. He built the bones and helped with design. He has been my technical guru, and I am indebted beyond words.

I hope you enjoy this site. If you do, please like it on Facebook, share the website, tell your family and friends and spread the word. If you hear of a place I need to try, drop me a line at 2platesolution@gmail.com


David-Seth Kirshner

Special hat-tip to the incredible Rabbi Willie Balk for inspiring the title of this blog!


David-Seth Kirshner

Founder and Blogger: 2 Plate Solution